Imaging Rates

  • Grant Funded With 48 hours or less notice, and appointment time not filled:
Situation Description Rate (CDN)
Standard Rate For most studies, including grant-funded research $200/hour

(one hour minimum)

Industry Rate For industry-sponsored research: Negotiated

(one hour minimum)

Pilot Rate
  • Awarded when scanner time is required to test the feasibility of using existing MR techniques to carry out a funded research project.
  • Awarded when short studies are required to generate results to use for a funding application

(one hour minimum)

Grant Supported

Technical Development Time Awarded for developing MR protocols which expand the capabilities of the MR scanner No charge
MR Data Analysis When Imaging Centre researchers are applying for funds for MR scanning, they should also plan/budget for the analysis Negotiated
Cancellations Grant Funded:

  • For missed appointments, or without 24 hours notice:
  • With 48 hours or less notice, and appointment time not filled:

Industry Funded:

  • Less than 24 hours notice:





As per negotiated rate

Specialty Supplies Any specialty items beyond the regular sundry supplies used for preparing the animal/specimen for scanning and/or anaesthesia Charge per item added to bill

Our facility operates on a cost recovery basis to support maintenance, operations and staffing.