3TThe human research scanner is located on the Ground Floor of the Purdy Pavilion (Extended Care Unit), next to the UBC Hospital. To get there, enter the Pavilion by the main door, take the elevator down one floor, exit the elevator by the rear door and follow the signs to “MRI”.


Our scanner is a Philips Achieva 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner for functional MR and spectroscopy. When purchasing this scanner, great consideration was given to having a system capable of supporting all potential researchers using the MR Imaging Centre. One of the main features of the Philips magnet is that it is very compact in design, thereby making it less claustrophobic than the larger long bore scanners.

Getting Started

All investigators are required to submit an MR protocol proposal form before scanning time can be booked. This form requires a brief description of the project, a detailed MR sequence protocol, and details on funding and Ethics approval. Scans may only be acquired for projects that have UBC or related Ethics approval.

3T MRI PROTOCOL PROPOSAL FORM (NEW! October 25, 2017 Version)

3T MRI PROTOCOL PROPOSAL FORM FAQ (NEW! October 25, 2017 Version)