Imaging Rates

Effective as of April 1st, 2024 our peer review funded project rates have increased, please see the statement from our director on February 20th 2024 MRI scanning Fee increase from April 2024.

Situation Description Rate (CDN)
Standard Rate For most studies, including peer reviewed funded studies $660/hour
Industry Rate For industry-sponsored research Negotiated on an individual study basis with sponsor
Pilot Rate
  • Awarded when scanner time is required for testing MR protocols and  fMRI paradigms
  • Awarded for short studies to generate results to use for a funding application
maximum 3 hours
(requests over 3 hours will be considered by the committee)
Technical Development Time Awarded for developing MR sequences and protocols which expand the capabilities of the MR scanner No charge
MR Spectroscopy Analysis  The rate for this service will be dependent upon the complexity of the study Determined on an individual study basis
Radiology Report Radiology Report $160 per report
Data Processing SWI data processing $150 per subject
  • With more than 5 working days’ notice
  • With less than 5 working days’ notice and another centre researcher books the vacated time slot.
  • For personal illness (no time limit)
  • For weather & environmental conditions unsafe for travel (no time limit)



  • With less than 5 working days’ notice without the vacated time slot being filled by another researcher (includes no show, unable to perform exam)

No Charge








Cost of the booking

Contrast Media Gadovist (gadobutrol) (Bayer Inc.) $75 per 7.5ml
Power Injector Syringe sets for Power Injector (Medrad) $30 per set