Healthy Volunteer Registry

Instructions for Obtaining Access to the Normal Volunteer Imaging Registry


The purpose of the Registry of Magnetic Resonance Scans on Normal Volunteers is to collect and store MRI images acquired from normal volunteers during the process of technique and protocol development carried out to optimize the capabilities of our MR scanner. The acquired imaging data may be published in research journals and/or stored for future research purposes. These may include additional studies by the researchers who collected the data, or providing other researchers not involved in the data collection access to the de-identified data and/or scans for research purposes.

What is available?

The scans available within the registry will depend on what scans have been collected for protocol development. Therefore, the range of images could include basic scans like a 3DT1 or new scans under development (e.g. a novel myelin water imaging technique). Some basic participant demographics will also be captured within the registry (age, sex, handedness, years of education). If you require more information about what is available then please contact the registry manager (Irene Vavasour,

How to request access to data within registry

Fill out the request form here Data Request Form and email to Irene Vavasour:

Depending on the nature and scope of the project, you may also need to fill out a protocol proposal form for the UBC MRI Research Centre (found at and you may need to get REB approval.