Safety Policy

Researchers, assistants, coordinators and students who will be conducting research, booking subjects and accompanying subjects to the UBC MRI Research Centre must complete a MRI Safety and Facility Orientation (click on the MRI Safety & Facility Operation tab for details).

Once you have completed the pre-orientation activities, sign up for applicable Facility Orientation. To view available Facility Orientation sessions, navigate to Booking Availability  and click on the CBH or Purdy tab.  Please email Laura Barlow ( or the 3T booking address with your preferences. These sessions are held monthly.

Please take a moment to read our safety policy. This manual outlines the specific safety policies to mitigate the risks and safety hazards unique to the 3 Tesla MRI environment within the UBC MRI Research Centre, located in the UBC Hospital, Purdy Pavilion and Centre for Brain Health.

The safety procedures outlined are intended to supplement safety regulations and policies already established for the UBC Hospital MRI Department, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

The 3T MR system will be operated in strict adherence to existing Canada Health and Welfare safety guidelines regarding acoustic noise, static magnetic field, pulsed gradient magnetic fields, and radiofrequency electromagnetic absorption (SAR).

Please review our updated safety policy (Updated 20200902)

Read the 3T Safety Policy