MRI Safety and Facility Orientation

We have updated (08-07-2019) our MRI Safety and Facility Orientation.

Please complete Parts 1-3 prior to your scheduled orientation.

1)      Level 1 MRI safety video and online test:

  1. Navigate to and select the Basic Level 1 MR Personnel Non Healthcare Provider tab.
  2. Register and enter the promo code : BAYER18MRSafety
  3. Watch the video and complete the short post-test
  4. Please upload your certification of completion here

2)      Please read the UBCMRI Research Centre 3T Safety Policy

3)      Complete a safety screening form and bring it with you to the Facility Orientation. We do not need to know your height and weight, do not complete the allergy or “Indicate if you have a history of” sections.

4)      Facility Orientation (30 min): CBH Fipke Integrated Neuroimaging Centre (Rm LL190)

    1. Verbal safety screening by an MRI Technologist
    2. Facility walkthrough/emergency features orientation

To view available Facility Orientation sessions, navigate to Booking Availability .  Please email Laura Barlow ( or the 3T booking address with your preference.


During the COVID-19 pandemic we will be presenting part of the Facility Orientation via Zoom, contact to arrange a time.  The in-person facility walkthrough can be scheduled just prior to your first scan at the facility.”