Approved Projects on the 7T Bruker Scanner

Investigating proenkephalin as a biomarker for neuroprotective therapies in Huntington diseaseMichael HaydenCentre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics2021
Examining the spatiotemporal propagation of spreading depolarization (SD) in Kcna1 null mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy using Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DW-MRI)Terrance SnutchCentre for Brain health2019
NR1H3 KI Mice- Pilot study. Myelin content in a newly developed animal model of Multiple Sclerosis.Carles Vilarino-GuellMedical Genetics2019
Quantification of Tissue Microstructure with Diffusion Basis Spectrum ImagingShannon KolindNeurology2018
Exploring the effects of uniQURE (intrastriatal AAV5-miHtt) on MRS signal and huntingtin levels in the Q175 mouse model of HD.  Blair LeavittCentre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics2018
Quantitative MRI of Preclinical Model of Spinal Cord Injury. Wolf TetzlaffICORD2018
Optimization Based Multicomponent-Acquisition for Magnetic Resonance ElastographyPiotr KozlowskiMRI Research Centre2018
In vivo and post mortem myelin characterization in multiple sclerosis: inhomogeneous magnetization transfer and myelin water fraction.Piotr KozlowskiMRI Research Centre2018
Extracting oxygen-enhancing components from OE-MRI using ICAStefan ReinsbergPhysics & Astronomy2018
Ex vivo evaluation of intervertebral disc mechanics using diffusion imaging on the 7T MR Scanner in both healthy and degenerated discsDavid WilsonHip Health2018
Histological Validation of Quantitative MRI in Human Spinal Cord InjuryCornelia LauleICORD2018
A new method for Measuring Joint Mechanics (knee cartilage)David WilsonOrthopaedic Engineering2017
MR Changes after Repeated Concussion in Rats Using CHIMERACheryl WellingtonPathology and Lab Medicine2016
Bone Metastasis in Renal Cell CarcinomaAlan SoUrologic Sciences2016
Neurobiological Correlates of TMSDoris Doudet and Lara BodyNeurology2015
MRI-CEST Imaging in a Mouse Model of HDBlair LeavittCMMT2015
The Impact of Autonomic Dysreflexia on Cerebral Health in Spinal Cord InjuryAndrei KrassioukovPhysical Med & Rehab2015
Pilot cardiac function post-SCI studyChris WestICORD2015
Ex Vivo MRI of Pig Model of Spinal Cord InjuryBrian KwonICORD2015
Title3D Study of Human Fetal Craniofacial Development Mid TrimesterJoy RichmanDentistry2015
Correlating lesion size with cognitive flexibilityJeremy SeamansBrain Research Centre2014
Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Injury - Correlations Between Tissue Damage and MRI Patterns in the Acute Post-Injury PhaseThomas OxlandICORD2014
Assessing Cranial Deformities in Growth-Accelerated Transgenic Coho SalmonRobert DevlinDFO2014
MRI Assessment of Brain Structure Changes in YAC128 Mice Lacking Caspase-6 in AdulthoodMichael HaydenCMMT2014
Effects of Frontal TBI opn Attention and ImpulsivityCatharine WinstanleyPsychology2014
Iron oxide-lipid nanoparticles as MRI contrast agentsPieter CullisMolecular Biology2014
19F MRI of PFC-Labelled monocyte/macrophages in response to SSI (Site-specific immodulators)Marcel ThalenQu Biologics2013
Characterizing Myelin in Multiple Sclerosis Diffusely Abnormal White MatterCorree Laule/Wayne MoorePathology2013
Evaluating Pregabalin Mediated Inhibition of Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD) Using Diffusion-Weighted mRI (dMRI)Terrence SnutchMichael Smith Laboratories, UBC2013
Woodpeckers and the Biomechanics of ConcussionRobert ShadwickZoology2013
fMRI of Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) motor nucleiDouglas AltshulerZoology2012
characterization of a Novel Rat Model of Leptin DeficiencyTimothy KiefferSurgery2012
Investigating Alzheimer's markers through eye examinationMarinko SarunicEngineering - SFU2012
Longitudinal Study of the YAC128 Huntington Disease Mouse Model Assessing Brain Metabolite changes and Brain Iron ContentBlair LeavittMolecular Medicine2012
Ex Vivo Spinal MRI of Porcine Model of Spinal Cord InjuryBrian KwonICORD2012
Pilot investigation of MRI for assessment of mild repetitive brain injury in miceCheryl WellingtonPathology & Laboratory Medicine2011
CRA: MRI Tracking of HA-based dermal implant volume: Longevity StudyDenis van EppsAllergan2010
Vascular MRI Characterization of Tumours for the Prediction of Trastuzumab DistributionStefan ReinsbergPhysics & Astronomy2010
52Mn PET Development and Correlation with manganese-enhanced MRIVesna SossiPhysics and Astronomy2010
Targetting the Vasculature of Colorectal tumors with Irinophore CTMDonald YappBCCA2010
Ex Vivo MRI of clinically relevant mechanisms of spinal cord injuryPiotr KozlowskiMRI Research Centre2010
Method Development for DCE-MRI in mouse models of cancerPiotr KozlowskiMRI Research Centre2010
DCE-MRI in intracranial mouse model of glioblastoma: effectof Irinophore CTMMarcel BallyBCCRC2010
DTI of the excised prostate glandPiotr KozlowskiMRI Research Centre2010
Blood flow distribution in crocodiliansDavid JonesZoology2010
Allergan - dermal filler longevity Study BDenis van EppsAllergan2010
Allergan - dermal filler longevity Study DDenis van EppsAllergan2010
Effects of Insulin Gene Dosage on Obesity and Type 2 DiabetesJames JohnsonSurgery2009
The influence of advanced age on spinal cord and spinal canal geometry in a rat modelThomas OxlandOrthopaedic Engineering2009
Development of a 7T MR elastography systemTim SalcudeanElectrical Computer Engineering2009
CRA: MRI tracking of HA-Based dermal implant volume: longevity studyDennis van EppsAllergan2009
Molecular Bioprobes for Imaging of MesotheliomaUrs HafeliPharmaceutical Sciences2009
Intracellular pH regulation during hypercarbia in white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanusColin BraunerZoology2009
Functional resonance imaging and analysis of seizure initiation and propagation in a rodent model of absence epilepsyTerrence SnutchMichaelc Smith Laboratories, UBC2009
Biomechanical analysis of spinal cord injury in a rat model: Correlations between MRI-based strain fields and histological analysisThomas OxlandOrthopaedic Engineering2009
Physiological Role of P-Glycoprotein in regulaiton gastroinstestinal absorption and cellular transport of cholestrolKishor WasanPharmaceutical Sciences2009
Regulation of adipocyte progenitors proliferation in vivoFabio RossiBrain Research Centre2009
Reversing Diabetes by Inestinal BypassTimothy KiefferSurgery2008
Altered lipid Metabolism - cardiovascular dysfunction in rats with SCIAndrei KrassioukovPhysical Med & Rehab2008
Role of toll-like receptor signaling in beta-cell function and developmentBruce VechereChild and Family Research Institute2008
Necrosis avid MRI contrast agents in reperfused rat myocardial infarct modelKen CurryRF Therapeutics2008
Determining 2D-transverse strain fields in the porcine spinal cord using two methods: MR-based 'texture corrleaiton' and CT-based discrete bead motionThomas OxlandOrthopaedic Engineering2008
Image Analysis to Determine Rat Spinal Cord Deformation In VivoPeter CriptonEngineering2007
Investigation of muscle and skeletal tissue in fishRobert ShadwickZoology2007
Determining he effects of maximum tolerated does and metronomicgencitabine on the tumour microenvironment in pancreatic cancerSylvia NgBC Cancer Research2007
Concurrent assessment of cardiac function and high-energy phosphates in rat heart by MRI/MRSKathleen McLeodPharmaceutical Sciences2007
Stearoyl-CaA destaurase genetics and biology: tissue-specific function and role in dyslipidemia and susceptibility to artherosclerosisMichael HaydenCentre for Molecular Medicine2006
Myelin water imaging at high field: pathological correlates in formalin fixed brainWayne MoorePathology2006
Measuring body composition in mice receiving a GLP-1 cell therapyTim KiefferSurgery2006
Monitoring vascular shutdown due to Tirapaziamine treatment in tumour xenogreaftsStefan Reinsberg/Andrew MinchintonPhysics and Astronomy/BCCA2006
Targeting Mitosis for Cancer TherapyMichel RobergeBiochemistry2006
Effect of acetabular labral tears, repair and resection on hip cartilage loading: a 7T study David WilsonOrthopaedic Engineering2006
Ex Vivo bladder tumour volumeMartin GleaveProstate Centre2006
MRI labeling for human retinal pigment epithelial cells: in vitro development of a potential method for in vivo follow upDoris DoudetNeurology2005
Biodistribution of PRE716Kenm CurryPrescient2005
In vivo NMR measurements of tumour hypoxia using EF5Piotr KozlowskiRadiology/Surgery2005
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in rat models of spinal cord injuryPiotr KozlowskiRadiology/Surgery2005
The effect of wild type and mutant hungtintin on body compositionMichael HaydenCentre for Molecular Medicine2005
Body Weight and Body Composition in ABCA1-deficient MiceMichael HaydenCentre for Molecular Medicine2005
Imaging Whole Body Lipid Localization in Mice with b-cell Specific Ablation of Leptin Receptor SignalingTim KiefferSurgery2005
Lifestyle Modifications Improve Vascular Dysfunction in Type-2 DiabetesIshmael LaherPharmaceutical Sciences2005
In vivo assessment of the effects of cesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate on pH levels within PC-3 tumors of nude miceEmma GunsSurgery2005
Examining the Tumour Microenvironment to Guide Treatment in Colorectal CancerDonald YappBC Cancer Research2005
Perfusion rates in HER-2 overexpressing LCC6 tumoursDonald YappBC Cancer Research2005
Cationic Liposomes loaded with Cu2+ as MR imaging agents for tumour vasculatureDonald YappBC Cancer Research2005
Studies to assess the potential anti-obesity and/or weight loss properties of novel phytostanol analoguesKishor WasanPharmaceutical Sciences2005